Getting there…

Clearly this site is not nearly finished but considering I’m doing it on my own with a little help from youtube, I think I’m moving along quite nicely. I figured if I kept putting off posting something until it was “finished” it would never happen, so hear goes…

As I’ve spent countless hours teaching myself how to customize this website (don’t judge), I can’t help but look back on how I first started in this field over 20 years ago with no technology. I did not have a computer, nor did I have access to one. I did not have report writers. I did not have a wealth of information/resources readily available at my fingertips. I did not have an office phone. I did not have a laminator. I barely had a copy machine. We used a mimeograph machine for most copies. Boardmaker was a set of paper pictures that had to be colored in during your spare time. I know, enough about the good old days, you get the idea…  I swore to myself when I first started that I never wanted to be that therapist who stayed set in her ways and squawked at trying new things. So… I have embraced the times and I’m trying to keep up with my younger colleagues who only know the world of technology and all it has to offer. Today I have a macbook, pc, 2 ipads, dongles, HDMI cords, aux cords, a fancy high tech phone in my office, projectors, stands and cases. I even know how to use it all and do so frequently. Now, I can add blog and facebook page to the list. …I think I’m keeping up with the times…or at least I’m trying to…


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