Hopping Into Spring Newbie Blog Hop

Happy first day of spring! Here in Rhode Island we are celebrating with some expected snowfall. Even with snow, it feels like spring with the spring blog hop! I am so excited to be participating in this blog hop with 13 other SLPs. All 14 of our blogs are linked together and you can “hop” along through all the blogs to check out all of the resources and freebies that are being offered today. These SLPs are all new to blogging, some longer than others and they all have something different to bring to the party, so to speak. They are all giving away a freebie in their tpt (teachers pay teachers) store and you can find a link at each of their sites.  I too have a freebie in my tpt store. Yes, I now have a tpt store. It isn’t very well stocked, yet, but that will be changing very soon! I am very much looking forward to sharing my ideas and therapy materials here and in my tpt store.

You can find my spring themed taboo game here. We played yesterday in a second grade class meeting. The students had a blast! It’s a great way to sneak language in when students think they are just playing a game. We therapists can be sneaky like that. For the game, students take turns describing targeted vocabulary, but in the manner of Taboo, certain words are off limits. A “cheat” sheet  (AKA visual support) is also provided to assist students in describing. The game can be played with or without the visual support. I hope your students enjoy it as much as mine!

Hop on over to check out what Heidi has to offer at the next blog.

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If you would like to start the hop from the beginning you can do that here:

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