TpT Cyber Monday Sale

cyber-linkyAnyone else having a hard time thinking about work after spending an indulgent weekend with family and friends?! Tomorrow morning will come soon enough, so it’s time to start thinking about what I’ve got planned for my groups.  Thankfully, I have been busy making  some new holiday products that my students are so excited to be use! Since it’s the TpT Cyber Monday sale,  it’s a good time to start purchasing some of those items on my Wish List.  To see what some of my blogger friends will by buying tomorrow, be sure to follow the linky back to Short and Sweet Speech.

Here are some of my favorite products for this time of year!

Hot off the press, this Rudolph inspired open target game is going to be one of my go-to games for my mixed therapy groups. I’ll be able to target multiple skills while students try to be the winner who ends up with the red nose on his/her reindeer.


My students love interactive, repetitive readers. The interactive nature helps to promote visual attention which is very effective with my ASD students. These books help to develop vocabulary and early literacy skills, in a fun and engaging nature. I also like to use related activities and games to reinforce the same vocabulary and concepts. I’ll be using my Gingerbread, Gingerbread Book and related activities in the next few weeks.


With so many young articulation students, who are not established readers, I will be using my No Prep Articulation Worksheets – Christmas Themed, which are picture supported. These print and go worksheets cover over 14 sounds including blends and vocalic /r/. There are 63 worksheets in all.


My students love the books and posters from Monae’s Speech House.The pictures are so bright and engaging and they are perfect for targeting vocabulary and concepts.  I’m not sure I will be able to pick just one book, but I’m leaning towards the book “Hey Santa, Hey Santa, That’s Not Your Hat”.


I’m not sure about your students, but mine love when I break out the play dough! I think these gingerbread themed play dough mats for articulation are a must from Small Talk SLP.


I’m also planning on grabbing these winter themed interactive books by Communication Window. I can not have enough interactive books! Also included in this bundle are some sentence flip books, which are perfect for my caseload!


Happy Shopping during this Cyber Sale! Don’t forget to leave feedback on your purchases. You will earn credits that can be used towards future purchases!

Happy Holidays!



Thank you Mom – Linky Party

Thank you to Jen over at Speech Therapy Fun who is hosting the Thank You Mom Linky Party. You can find the links to other SLPs thanking their mom’s or someone special in their lives by clicking on the button below.

Mom Linky Graphic

I think my mom, also known as Elaine and now Nonnie to her 8 grandchildren, deserves a thank you. Usually we tease her, all in good fun, more than we thank her. As a child, my mother was my hairdresser, dance teacher, party planner, (Halloween) costume designer and macaroni chef. It was always macaroni, never pasta to my mother regardless of the recipe. While she was doing these things for me, she considered herself my brother’s assistant baseball coach (my dad was his coach for many years but we’ll save his story for Father’s Day) and my sister’s assistant running coach (she wasn’t really cut out for dancing). In the summer, she was known in the neighborhood as the mom who organized the “shows” in the garage that kept all of us kids busy and productive on days when we didn’t go to the beach or a camp. She also introduced me to my love of books with her membership to the double day book club. Confession: I used to sneak some of her books and read them because I wanted to read anything I could put my hands on. She probably knew because she knew everything.

As a grandmother to her 8 grandchildren, all of whom live within a few miles radius of each other, she is known for ALWAYS being at all of the sporting events, whether it’s a high school track meet, all day swim meet, double header baseball game, dance recital or a game at the ice cold hockey rink, she is there; usually the one keeping score and letting those who show up later know what they have missed. She is always on call ready to give rides to practices or a friend’s house when we parents are spread too thin. During the spring and summer months she can be seen cruising around town in her convertible Cabriolet with a least a grandchild or two. She hosts parties for her grandkids with their friends and can often be the one behind the scenes working on favors, invitations, games and themes when we throw parties for our own kids. She is also the official scrapbooker for my kids. My sister in law Kim is crafty enough to do her own for her kids.

Today, she is my biggest Facebook fan on my Keeping Speech Simple page. I thought she was my biggest fan on Instagram, but she recently confessed that my nieces hack her phone and “like” my pictures. I’ll take it anyway.

Family is the most important thing to my mother and thanks to her, we (Nonnie, my family, my sister’s family and my brother’s family) were able to experience an incredible trip to Italy last summer and we are looking forward to another incredible trip to Costa Rica at the end of this school year. We are all thankful for these incredible experiences and all of the ways that she is there for us on a daily basis.

Friends often ask if they can be adopted by my mom and I tell them to get in line because others are asking. Thankfully for me, there’s no line. I’ve been lucky enough to have her along.

Happy Mother’s Day to my mom…IMG_0163