It’s that time of year. That time to think about the year ahead and set some goals or resolutions. My goal for work this year is to keep the momentum going. Each year I start out enthusiastic, organized and well prepared.

Slowly, almost without notice, the desk becomes a place I don’t recognize. Materials don’t get put away because I am racing against the clock to get to where I need to be and finish the seemingly endless paperwork. I’m not going to lie, it can be a challenge to keep the momentum going but I think I have a few tips that help me to keep it going and maybe they can help you.


One thing I’ve done is stopped thinking about the school year as a “year”. I no longer feel like the schedule I start with, is the schedule I need to keep for the rest of the year. Yes, it’s a challenge but I do reschedule my students and make changes to service delivery several times per year.  I have found the other service providers who I need to coordinate with tend  to be very flexible when they know at the beginning of the year that this will happen. Changing the schedule over the course of the school year, can help to keep things fresh, almost like a new year. day-planner-828611_1920

One of the ways I may make changes to the schedule is by pushing  into a classroom for a social skill group during the winter months, but then pulling a small group to run a joke club or lunch group.

Many of those groups are co-treats with the Occupational Therapist. This is one of my  very favorite parts of my job. On Thursdays, almost all of my groups are co-treats, which makes it one of my favorite days of the week.  Together we can  problem solve, plan and work together, each from a different perspective. Most importantly we can laugh at ourselves when things don’t go as planned, but then work together to improve for next time.


Last but not least, I think a little incentive is perfectly in order. I love office supplies. If I have cute and fun notepads, paperclips and sticky notes around me, it makes me happy. I may or may not have filled up a cart at the office supply store yesterday before my first day back today.

I also have started to treat myself to some of my favorite foods during  lunch, especially  on those days that I expect to be a little challenging. One of my favorite foods is sea scallops. I wouldn’t normally bring those for lunch but if I have a day of back to back meetings, knowing I have those sweet scallops waiting for me in my lunch bag, helps me to keep it going. Nothing wrong with that!appetizer-1846026_1920

These are just some of the ways I try to  keep the  momentum throughout the year. How do you keep the momentum?