Taking Back the Speech Room

For the last two years I have been trying to take back the speech room. I was tired of the piles on my desk, and work table and anywhere else I could find a flat surface. I was tired of the disorganization and the wasted time looking for things because they didn’t have a proper place. I was tired of always feeling frazzled and one step behind. I used to hide behind the phrase “there’s a method to the madness”.

I didn’t start out that way but that’s probably because I didn’t own anything. I started in a cleaned out room in the basement of an inner city school. I believe I had a SPARC book and a few homemade games from grad school and then slowly the accumulating (hoarding) of books, materials, toys, papers and handouts from workshops began. It’s amazing how much stuff can be acquired over the course of 20 years. It’s even more amazing how much stuff can fit into a closet, and I’ve been in a few.

When construction was being done on my school a few years ago  every single thing in the room had to be boxed and labeled right down to the last paperclip so I figured it might be a good time to do an overhaul. Luckily there was a new therapist in the building who didn’t have anything so I was able to share (get rid of stuff) without the guilt of throwing things away. Once I lightened the load I was better able to organize what I have.

For years I kept articulation cards in plastic drawers intended for shoes but this year I moved to open baskets. The kids can access their cards a little easier this way. artic card storage


I have finally taken the time to put masters of seasonal units and articulation pages into page protectors and binders. I don’t miss the bins of hanging file folders that sucked all of the papers into a coiled roll at the bottom of the folder.


I saw the idea on Pinterest to have a caddy near the work area that contains some of the necessary materials for the week. I also keep 5 minute quick drills here (sometimes lessons go quicker than expected and they are always ready to go). I also keep seasonal and nonseasonal open ended games here as well. Friday is my team day so no drawer for Friday.

easy access


I even decided to get a little crafty. I jazzed up this bulletin board with some buttons and hot glue. bulletin board


I love how these articulation cans came out. I used fabric duck tape and cans from the paint store. Click to find the link to TpT.

speech cans


What I have found with the new and improved speech room is better productivity, less time looking for things because everything has a home and best of all, no piles cluttering up my desk. All of that equals less stress and there’s enough of that already. Notice there are no full shots of the speech room. That’s because there’s still plenty to do but I’m on my way to getting it done and feeling pretty good about it.