Friday’s Funny – a day late

This week during a first grade lunch group, 4 boys were telling knock knock jokes to each other. The good news: all the boys were participating, all the boys were laughing, everyone was using appropriate language. The bad news: the jokes made no sense whatsoever. So, in my infinite wisdom, I decided the right thing to do was intervene. I suggested to the boys that I write some jokes down on paper and they could read them to each other. I decided I should be direct and honest with the boys. I told them. “Your jokes don’t make any sense”. I was then told by one of the boys “That’s because we’re kids! They’re not supposed to make sense”! And there you have it…schooled by first grade boys on the art of knock knock jokes.

So, the reason I decided to intervene was really about the bigger picture. While it was fine for the boys to be telling nonsense jokes in the smaller setting, I was concerned about how these jokes might translate in the larger school population. They might be fine, but I did want to give them some options that would be a little more mainstream. The boys were open to reading the prepared knock knock jokes and they continued to create their own. I think that’s a good balance…